Production of copper alloys

  1. Production of copper alloys
  2. Where are copper alloys used?

Our company produces copper alloy for export. The customer is presented with products that meet all modern requirements. We focus on the interests of the consumer, so we are interested in creating mutually beneficial and long-term relationships. A full range of advanced equipment ensures high quality performance of copper alloys. Our company also produces copper alloys for a specific customer.

Production of copper alloys

Production of copper alloys The ligature is produced in high-temperature induction furnaces by adding various components to the molten copper. Our company has only the most modern and high-quality furnaces. When casting, certain technologies and percentages of impurities are strictly observed. The result is a material which characteristics meet current standards.

In the manufacture of copper ligatures, the following elements are used as additives:

  • aluminum
  • iron
  • cobalt
  • chrome
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • nickel
  • silicon and others.

According to the method of influence on the main alloy, copper ligatures can be divided into three categories:

  • correcting chemical composition (alloying);
  • changing (grinding) grain structure by reducing the volume of internal porosity;
  • modifying the alloy to improve specific physical and mechanical properties.

Production of ligatures can be carried out both from primary and secondary raw materials (copper scrap, shavings).

Where are copper alloys used?

Copper ligatures are used no less widely than aluminum. This is due to the fact that in the process of alloying alloys, they quickly dissolve even at relatively low temperatures. As a result, the company can save time and energy resources.

In addition, copper ligatures reduce the consumption rates of alloying materials and have other advantages, namely:

  • low oxidation and evaporation capacity;
  • good and predictable digestibility in the melt;
  • the overall efficiency of use exceeds the results obtained with pure alloying additives.

The specific application depends on the composition and tasks set by the consumer. For example, the addition of a component such as cobalt (Cu + Co) allows you to create dispersion-hardening alloys that combine excellent thermal and electrical conductivity (needed for the production of welding electrodes).

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What Our Clients Say

Max Buchner, Germany

We ordered the copper alloy for the first time. It took us six months to find a supplier that could offer the alloy with precisely the same characteristics that we need for manufacturing our goods. We are located in Belgium, so initially, we were looking for European suppliers. We didn't consider a Russian supplier because it seemed too expensive and complicated. Now, we are more than happy with our first supply. The quality of the alloy is excellent, and it was delivered to us punctually. Many thanks! We will place more orders soon.

Takamaru Tobei, Japan

We ordered 1000 tons of copper alloy to our automobile factory. The order was delivered on time, without any delays. The quality of the alloy fully met our expectations, and the price was quite reasonable for the product of such characteristics. We are happy to work with a reliable and professional partner that scrupulously complies with the conditions of our contract. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to our further cooperation!

Emek Ornek, Turkey

In June 2020, we received copper-phosphorus alloy to our enterprise in Turkey. It was a regular delivery. Despite the difficult economic, logistical, and epidemiological situation, we received the alloy on time. We highly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with such a credible supplier.