Phosphorous Copper Powders

  1. Allow composition

Phosphorous Copper Powdres with specific use, the combination of P and Cu brazing operation and gives a relevant deoxidizing properties, decrease the fragility of welding. 

Phosphorous Copper Powders Typical applications for use Cup15 W100, Cup15W106:

  • Sintered brakes pad
  • Diamond tools
  • Jewellery
  • Chemical

Allow composition

Cup15W100: allow composition 13-16%, Cut sieve μm 106

CuP15 W106: Cut sieve μm 150

Pavel Volkov - Client Manager, [email protected]

Being part of the Alloy Copper team reminds me of the pioneering days of my early career where I had to think outside the box to deliver the results that customers needed to grow their their businesses.


What Our Clients Say

Max Buchner, Germany

We ordered the copper alloy for the first time. It took us six months to find a supplier that could offer the alloy with precisely the same characteristics that we need for manufacturing our goods. We are located in Belgium, so initially, we were looking for European suppliers. We didn't consider a Russian supplier because it seemed too expensive and complicated. Now, we are more than happy with our first supply. The quality of the alloy is excellent, and it was delivered to us punctually. Many thanks! We will place more orders soon.

Takamaru Tobei, Japan

We ordered 1000 tons of copper alloy to our automobile factory. The order was delivered on time, without any delays. The quality of the alloy fully met our expectations, and the price was quite reasonable for the product of such characteristics. We are happy to work with a reliable and professional partner that scrupulously complies with the conditions of our contract. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to our further cooperation!

Emek Ornek, Turkey

In June 2020, we received copper-phosphorus alloy to our enterprise in Turkey. It was a regular delivery. Despite the difficult economic, logistical, and epidemiological situation, we received the alloy on time. We highly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with such a credible supplier.